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Rejuvenate the texture of your skin, improve cellular communication and invigorate whole body circulation with a Grown Alchemist Body Treatment. Featuring signature lymphatic drainage and Ayurvedic massage techniques, stress and tensions are relieved and cellular detoxification is enhanced; the result is glowing and radiant skin free from the effects of a busy urban lifestyle.

Lymphatic drainage, also known as lymphatic massage, is a proven technique for boosting the body's immune system as well as reducing swelling and improving the flow of liquids around the body. The lymphatic system is essential for good health (both inside and out). Pairing lymphatic massage with traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques, which focus on relieving pressure points, creates a more holistic body treatment, maximising the benefits and promoting deep relaxation.

The Retail Lab Body Treatments have been carefully curated by our expert team to suit different needs and leave you feeling refreshed and prepared for what lies ahead.

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As a holistic beauty company, we're dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need to achieve your ultimate skin goals.

Whenever you visit our Grown Alchemist Retail Lab in Carlton and indulge in one of our treatments or treatment packages*, you'll receive a credit of 50% of the treatment price to use towards any of our retail products^ available in-store. This is not a one-time offer, but a long-term commitment from us to you which is here to stay.




This stand-alone body treatment goes beyond a typical remedial massage. It acts as a true skin indulgence and a respite from the stressors of modern life to leave your skin and your senses feeling balanced, rejuvenated and energised.

From beginning to end, the Rejuvenating Body Treatment is a holistic sensory journey. The treatment begins with a deep and thorough cleanse of your skin to remove impurities trapped in your skin. We then elevate your skin resurfacing with the use of our award-winning Smoothing Body Exfoliant. Activated Charcoal works to draw accumulated toxins from the body while fine Pumice gently removes dead skin cells across your back, legs and feet, and invigorating Peppermint stimulates your senses.

This luxurious skin treatment incorporates a variety of signature full-body massage techniques that go beyond mere relaxation. By stimulating lymphatic drainage throughout your body, this treatment aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins, promoting a deep detoxification process. As tension and stress melt away, stubborn knots and muscle tightness are gently relieved, leaving you in a state of renewed relaxation.

The Rejuvenating Body Treatment not only nurtures your soul but nourishes your skin. Layers of plant-based, skin-hydrating Grown Alchemist products leave your skin and senses rebalanced, revitalised and re-energised, preparing you to face the world with a newfound glow and renewed vitality.

Recommended for normal to dry skin types, or those looking for a stimulating skin rejuvenation.




The Restoring Body Massage is a 60-minute standalone body massage treatment. Unique to Grown Alchemist, this treatment goes beyond a typical visit to a day spa, offering you the ultimate self-pamper. It is specifically designed to address the burdens and pressures of our fast-paced, modern lifestyles, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and self-care.

Lymphatic Drainage, renowned for its detoxifying properties, helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting the elimination of toxins and reducing any built-up fluid retention. This gentle technique aids in restoring your body's natural balance and leaving you with a sense of lightness and vitality.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese massage, known for its emphasis on energy flow and restoration, our therapists incorporate specialised techniques that target key pressure points throughout your body. By applying precise and rhythmic movements, they encourage the release of tension, muscular knots, and blockages, allowing energy to flow freely and fostering a profound state of relaxation.

Complementing these traditional approaches, the Restoring Body Massage also incorporates Remedial and Swedish massage techniques. This therapeutic approach focuses on addressing specific musculoskeletal issues, such as muscle pain, stiffness, or postural imbalances. By targeting problem areas, our skilled therapists work to alleviate discomfort, enhance flexibility, and promote overall physical well-being.

This treatment features botanical, antioxidant-rich, Grown Alchemist products which work in synergy with the massage techniques, leaving your skin feeling velvety-smooth, deeply hydrated, and visibly revitalised. This treatment is the ultimate way to escape the stressors and tensions of the modern world.

Recommended for those who lead a busy and energetic lifestyle, are prone to high levels of stress or want some soul-nourished respite.


Wanting to pamper yourself, a loved one or simply wanting to supercharge your skin health, pair with one of our Treatment Packages menu.


These treatments are exclusively available at our Retail Lab Carlton location. To make a booking, please use the BOOK NOW button below. For treatment enquiries, please call the Retail Lab on (03) 9113 9558.

We also offer a limited Grown Alchemist treatment program at our David Jones Counter Lab locations at select David Jones stores nationally. To make a booking, please visit your local David Jones counter to enquire.

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^ Credit must be redeemed on the same day as your treatment, and cannot be rolled over. Cannot be redeemed with any other offer.

* Not applicable on our Bride-To-Be Treatment Package. This package comes with its own unique offer. See our Treatment Packages page for more information on the Bride-To-Be Treatment Package.

# Grown Alchemist treats people, not diseases or illnesses. IV Nutrients do not cure diseases or illnesses. Please check with your GP if this treatment is appropriate for you.


What is a full-body massage good for?

Full body massage offers a full mind, body and soul experience. It can help to improve skin tone, circulation and emotional healing, as well as reducing muscle tension, relieving stress or anxiety, and assisting with chronic pain felt across the body.

What does Japanese massage include?

Japanese massage techniques can include movements such as kneading or tapping, gentle pulling of your limbs and pressure point work. Typically, you can expect the use of knuckles, palms, elbows, knees and/or feet, and different finger pressures to balance the body’s energies.

What is a remedial massage?

Remedial massage works at a deeper level than other forms of massage. It treats muscles that are damaged and knotted, tense and immobile and works to the specific area rather than the whole body. It can help with chronic pain or injury recovery.

Are these body treatments suitable if I am pregnant?

We have a number of treatment options available while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please ask our team which treatments will be best suited for you.

Are these body treatments suitable for men?

Absolutely! Grown Alchemist understands skin is biological, not gendered. We welcome all genders and gender identities to experience a treatment with us - including men.