Mini Discovery Kit

GENTLE GEL FACIAL CLEANSER Chamomile, Bergamot and Willow Bark visibly reduce pore size and the appearance of age spot formation. Polyphenols and Mucilages from Cold pressed Rose Petals leave skin looking more even toned and soothed, while Polysaccharides from Aloe Vera help to leave skin beautifully calm and supple.
POLISHING FACIAL EXFOLIANT Glucomannan from Konjac absorbs oils and impurities, detoxifying delicate facial skin while rejuvenating smoothing and rebalancing, leaving facial skin looking radiant. Polylactic Acid from Corn Starch gently assists delaminating and dissolving dry and dead skin cells, leaving facial skin looking refreshed and revitalised. Pink Grapefruit, rich in free radical-fighting Antioxidants and Vitamin C Flavonoids noticeably improve the appearance of skin affected by oxidative stress while Polyphenols from Peppermint Leaf leave facial skin looking calm and soothed.
SKIN RENEWAL SERUM Niacinamide: [Vitamin B3] helps prevent transepidermal water loss to improve skin barrier functions, Ashwagandha: Powerful adaptogen packed with antioxidants that helps skin cope with environmental stressors. Echinacea: Soothes, increases skins resilience to stress and protects against environmental pollution. Polypeptides: Helps to improve skin roughness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid: Composed of a biomimetic spectrum of molecule sizes – small, medium and high – that hydrate deep and on skin's surface to help smooth skin texture, plump lines and prevent transepidermal water loss
HYDRA-REPAIR DAY CREAM Camellia and Rosehip Oil contain precious phytosterols which visibly improve hydration and condition the skin. Polysaccharides from Aloe Vera help the skin appear revitalized leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Triglycerides from Jojoba Oil visibly rebalance the skin improving the skin's appearance. Cane Sugar releases vital biosaccharides that noticeably soothe the skin improving its vitality while repairing the appearance of skin damaged by UV-induced oxidative stress.
ANTI-POLLUTION SKIN DEFENSE PRIMER Anti-Pollution Shield Complex - A potent formula promotes proper cellular function while creating a physical barrier between skin cells and artificial blue light to shield skin against blue-light emission damage. Prebiotic-Peptide enhances the skin’s microbiota to noticeably improve epidermal barrier function, boost hydration and protect skin against environmental aggressors that age the vulnerable, exposed urban-complexion. Ganoderma Mushroom Extract inhibits oxidation and inflammation which assists in the detoxification of skin cells while increasing dermal hydrating for the visible repair of skin and reduction of wrinkles. Gel-Primer Base Complex offers a silicone-free base with skin hydrating properties that works to blur the visibility of pores and wrinkles, creating a smoothed complexion for superior makeup application.
Cleanse and exfoliate with Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser and Polishing Facial Exfoliant to give access to skin. Re-set your skin's foundation and improve skin barrier strength with Skin Renewal Serum. Then moisturise with Hydra-Repair Day Cream and protect with cult-favourite Anti-Pollution Primer.