Treatment Packages

Combining our proven treatments, luxurious facials, and soothing massages, our skin treatment packages have been carefully curated to help you achieve your skin health and well-being goals.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift, something for yourself to unwind from the stress of everyday life or preparing to look your best for an upcoming event, our treatment packages have been designed to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin, indulge your senses and help you forget the stresses of general life.

For those special moments in life, such as weddings, graduations, or professional photoshoots, we highly recommend booking a series of treatment packages. Alternatively, if self-care and overall well-being are your goals, our regular treatment packages are ideal for nourishing your skin, rejuvenating your soul, and restoring peace to your mind.

Our treatment packages provide you with greater value compared to purchasing individual treatments. In addition, all treatment packages come with OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU. When you choose a package, you'll receive a credit equivalent of 50% of the package price, which can be used for in-store purchases on the day of your treatment*. This offer is not a one-time deal; it's a lasting promise from us to you.

Contact our team today to explore how a treatment package, or a series of packages, can contribute to achieving your ideal skin, awaken your senses and help you realise the best version of yourself.


As a holistic beauty company, we're dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need to achieve your ultimate skin goals.

Whenever you visit our Grown Alchemist Retail Lab in Carlton and indulge in one of our treatments or treatment packages*, you'll receive a credit of 50% of the treatment price to use towards any of our retail products^ available in-store. This is not a one-time offer, but a long-term commitment from us to you which is here to stay.

RECHARGE PACKAGE | $290 (value $315)


The Recharge package is designed to provide you with a rejuvenating and customised experience that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The package begins with your therapist conducting a careful assessment of your skin’s condition, taking into consideration factors such as sensitivity, hydration levels, and any specific concerns you may have. They will then customise the facial to meticulously address the unique needs of your skin type and deliver optimal results.

Based on our assessment or your personal preference, you have the flexibility to choose from an array of additional enhancements to supercharge your skin’s recharge. These include:

- Anti-Ageing Light Therapy - Face and Neck

- Anti-Ageing Light Therapy - Hand and Arm

- Acne Reduction Light Therapy - Face and Neck

- Rejuvenating Eye and Firming Lip Treatment

- Tension-Relieving Head and Scalp Massage

- Circulation-Boosting Hand and Arm Massage

During this treatment, your skin will be treated to a deep cleanse, exfoliation (where needed), a cell-stimulating facial massage, a specialised mask application and the application of targeted serums and moisturisers.

Recommended for those wanting to supercharge their skincare, combat and reverse signs of ageing or promote a healthy envy-inducing visage.

STRESS RELIEF PACKAGE | $290 (value $360)


The Stress-Relief package is dedicated to enhancing not just your mental and physical well-being, but also the health of your skin. It has been meticulously crafted to offer the ultimate indulgence, aiming to revitalise your skin, invigorate your senses, and alleviate the stresses and pressures of modern life. Your skin will be left feeling velvety-smooth, revitalised and visibly hydrated.

This package allows you to choose between two 60-minute body pampering options: the Rejuvenating Body Treatment or the renowned Restoring Body Massage, which has been voted as one of the best body massages in Melbourne. Additionally, it includes our signature Cleanse and Restore Express Facial, ensuring a complete skincare experience from head to toe.

Recommended for those experiencing high levels of stress and tension, exercise regularly or are new to Grown Alchemist.

ULTIMATE RETREAT PACKAGE | $350 (value $440)


The Ultimate Retreat package is exactly that: the ultimate indulgence to relieve the stressors and tensions of the modern world. Featuring plant-based antioxidant and peptide-rich products, this 2-hour treatment will help to promote cellular communication and reduce the build-up of toxins and heavy metals across the body, rejuvenating and refreshing your skin.

This is our most customisable treatment package offering you your choice of a facial treatment and a body treatment.

Your choice of facial treatments (60-minutes) includes:

- Hydra-Restore Facial

- Regenerating Facial

- Soothing Facial

- Balancing Facial

- Brightening Facial

Your choice of body treatments (60-minutes) include

- Rejuvenating Body Treatment

- Restoring Body Massage

Recommended as the perfect gift for yourself, the most avid of Grown Alchemist users, frequent travellers or a loved one.


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and cherished days in your life. Naturally, you want your skin to be radiant and look its ultimate best.

The Bride-To-Be Skin Recharge package is a comprehensive series of face, body and vitamin therapy treatments designed to establish the ideal foundation, so as your veil is lifted, you unveil a revitalised, envy-inducing complexion that will leave others in awe.

Focused on holistic care, the Bride-To-Be Skin Recharge package attends to your internal and external well-being, offering respite from the inevitable stress and tension associated with wedding planning, whilst expertly looking after your skin.

To ensure you have all the vital tools you need to look your best on your special day, this package also includes an extra-generous allocation of Grown Alchemist skincare to use at home, to reinforce and maintain the in-clinic treatments.

The Bride-To-Be Skin Recharge package allows you to embark on a self-care journey, allowing your skin to radiate with unparalleled beauty as you step into matrimony.

This package includes:

- 3 x Vitamin Therapy treatments

- 4 x Facial treatments

- 2 x Body treatments

- $1500 Grown Alchemist Skincare


Short on time, or looking for a single treatment, visit our Facial Therapy, Light Therapy and Body Treatments menus to learn more.


These treatments are exclusively available at our Retail Lab Carlton location. To make a booking, please use the BOOK NOW button below. For treatment enquiries, please call the Retail Lab on (03) 9113 9558.

We also offer a limited Grown Alchemist treatment program at our David Jones Counter Lab locations at select David Jones stores nationally. To make a booking, please visit your local David Jones counter to enquire.

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^ Credit must be redeemed on the same day as your treatment, and cannot be rolled over. Cannot be redeemed with any other offer.

* Not applicable on our Bride-To-Be Treatment Package. This package comes with its own unique offer. See our Treatment Packages page for more information on the Bride-To-Be Treatment Package.

# Grown Alchemist treats people, not diseases or illnesses. IV Nutrients do not cure diseases or illnesses. Please check with your GP if this treatment is appropriate for you.


What is the difference between the LED light therapy add-on and the infrared light therapy add-on?

Infrared therapy can be felt as a gentle heat as the light penetrates into the skin tissue, which can reduce fine lines, improve skin texture and nourish the skin through cell regeneration.

LED light therapy is a less invasive light that can be red or blue depending on desired results and will target the skin's surface or dermis layer of the skin. This light can promote collagen and elastin production, reduce bacteria and improve redness.

Can I purchase the treatment packages as a gift?

Our packages make for the perfect gift, giving the recipient the chance to experience pure bliss and indulgence as their mind, body and soul are treated during their time with us. They will also be able to claim their 50% product redemption on the day of their treatment to continue their pampering at home.

Can I decide which add-on I would like on the day?

Yes, our knowledgeable team will be able to recommend the most beneficial add-on to provide a uniquely tailored treatment for you. While we do need to select a choice of treatment and add on at the time of booking, this can always be updated on the day of your treatment.

Are the packages suitable for vegans?

We can deliver our treatments to be suitable for vegans, whilst also being cruelty and toxin-free.

What is the difference between the hand and arm massage and the anti-aging arm treatment?

Our Anti-aging hand and arm treatment is specifically targeted at fighting the signs of aging on the hands by cleansing and exfoliating the hands and arms, providing LED light therapy that can target pigmentation caused by age spots and boost collagen and elastin production. This treatment will be finished with a nourishing hand and arm massage.

Our hand and arm massage will indulge you whilst we use our nourishing body cream and hand cream to relieve any tension in the hands and arms, something that is commonly overlooked in our modern lifestyles. Your skin will be left feeling soft and supple, and your muscles relaxed as you melt into the rest of your treatment.